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An Aviary For Your Finches

Often people make the mistake of thinking that finches are very small birds, therefore they will do just fine in very small cages. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While most finch birds are rather small, measuring from 4″ to 6″, they still need room to roam.

Small in stature, these birds are built for hours upon hours of continuous flight. This is one of the reasons they are such active little birds, because they need to make use of all that energy. Because of their natural need for activity, it is imperative that their living area provides them with enough room to reach full flight when moving from perch to perch.

In an ideal world, and outdoor aviary would be the perfect solution to providing your birds with plenty of space to safely roam. Outdoor aviaries can be a bit expensive, but you can cut the cost if you should decide to build the aviary yourself.

There are many books on building your own outdoor aviary, but here is a quick guide on what you will need.

To start you will need the following equipment: wire snips, pliers, a hammer, a miter say, a drill, a heavy-duty staple gun and staples, sandpaper, bendable wire, 100 square feet of small wire mesh screening, slim carpentry screws or fasteners, 12 one-inch by one-inch by four-foot lengths of lumber and 8 one-inch by one-inch by three-foot lengths of lumber.

You will need to sand all the lumber so there are no rough edges or splinters in the wood that might injure you or your birds. Then use the miter saw to square all the corners of the lumber. Assemble 2 four-foot high by four-foot wide frames using your screws or fasteners. Stretch, cut and staple the wire mesh over them. These two frames make up the front and back walls of the aviary.

Assemble 4 four-foot high by three-foot wide frames with your screws then stretch, cut and staple the wire mesh over them like you did earlier. Here you are creating the top, bottom and sides of your aviary.

Screw all six of the screened frames together into a four-foot high by three-foot wide by four-foot long box shape. From the left side of the aviary, cut open three sides of a small door in the wire mesh about 12 inches wide and 12 inches high, bending the screen on the left margin of the door. Cut a descent length of wire to loop in the door to use as a latch.

Now this is just a very basic aviary, there are much more spacious and beautiful models you can build, but this will get you started. If you don’t have room for this type of aviary, you can buy smaller, indoor aviaries at bird supply stores and some pet shops.

Which ever you choose, your birds will have plenty of room to fly around and active finches are happy finches.