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An Indoor or Outdoor Finch Aviary?

An aviary is commonly known as a bird house and because of its larger size it gives your finches a lot more freedom to do what they love and what comes naturally which is to fly. So bearing that in mind, having an aviary is highly recommended especially if owners already have or intend to keep more than two finches.

The beauty of having an aviary is that it can be situated either indoors or outdoors plus an aviary requires the same basic facilities of a smaller cage but just on a slightly larger scale. There are many aviaries available to suit your needs (and the needs of your finches) but the practical requirements for having an indoor or outdoor aviary are essentially the same. There are a few differences to think about and special considerations to make depending on your choice of an indoor or outdoor aviary setup.

Many aviaries are available that will suit every owner’s needs and these will come in various sizes. If you are skilled enough and plan to build your own aviary you certainly can and will save a lot of money. Either way, you should consider the costs of both types of aviaries and also the permanent space where the finches will be kept before making any decisions. The aviaries can be as decorative and pleasurable according to your imagination however don’t forget to think about what finches need too!

All aviaries should only be made out of non-toxic wood or a metal frame which should consist of a fine wire mesh. The outdoor aviary’s floor should preferably be made from concrete, as it is easy to maintain and keep clean. With your outdoor aviary you should ensure a slight slope to the floor as this provides better drainage and easy cleaning. Having an unclean aviary is not conducive to your birds’ health, and the last thing you need is unnecessary vet bills.

Most finches love to have a bath so putting a bird-bath in the aviary will also help the birds to be healthier and it keeps them happier in the process. One thing to remember which is extremely important is to clean the bath out regularly – this will prevent the growth of bacteria and other nasties that will harm your birds. Both aviary options should also have perches which can be in mixed sizes. Bowls for holding water and seeds should be made of stainless steel and not plastic. Since plastic containers often allow the build up of bacteria, it is better to use stainless steel for this purpose instead.

A finch aviary whether indoors or outdoors will also help the birds to breed more successfully. Having an outdoor aviary allows the finches to feel like they are in their natural habitat. However when placing an outdoor aviary, take into consideration the finches will need some shade and also proper protection from vermin and predators. Indoors, the reverse applies to the light versus shade situation where you should provide appropriate and adequate lighting for day and night. You can also consider the aviary a little safer than an outdoor one and utilize different materials for the mesh.

An indoor aviary should not be overcrowded with perches or toys as this obviously restricts the finches flying space. It’s important to ensure that an indoor aviary is well ventilated and kept in a reasonable amount of sunlight or artificial lighting.

Whether you choose an outdoor or indoor finch aviary, both have advantages and disadvantages depending on your wants and needs. So now that you have read a small introductory piece of a much bigger picture, I’m sure you can go ahead with confidence and progressively meet all of the requirements and needs of your finches in order to decide whether to have an indoor or outdoor aviary.

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