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Bio Frequencies, Biorhythms, and Our Personal Tech Toys

If you read any of the personal tech journals, or take any of the e-mail newsletters about all the great personal tech devices that are coming out each and every day then you probably realize that all the futurists are talking about a time when we will be connected to these personal communication devices such as iPhones, iPads, iPods, and wristwatch computer systems.

They even talk about having a chip in your brain which will help you communicate with your friends and family program, or those quasi-friends on your Facebook page. And, I don’t doubt that everything will be hooked up to a global positioning system, and you will be connected to the Internet at all times by a chip which is planted in your skull, which will also probably have your university degree on it, and all the information you’ll ever need in that regard.

There’s only one problem with all this, and is something we often talk about at our think tank, and that is that the body works on certain biorhythms and frequency. Your heart beats at a certain rate, your nerves fire at a certain speed, and everyone has a pulse. Even your cells vibrate at a certain frequency, and I guarantee you all of those frequencies are different than the microwaves used in cell phones, or the other frequencies used by computer chips.

There have been several studies about the dangers of cell phones and holding them to close to your head. Even the iPhone has a warning in the operations manual that you need to have your phone it least a half an inch from your head as you’re speaking on it. This is because of the microwaves – those are the frequency ranges that the phone operates at.

Are you beginning to understand why this issue is going to be important in the future? Indeed, I hope you will please consider this, and learn a little bit about biology, and bio-frequencies, so you can stay informed.