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Bird Toys – Keep Them Entertained and Happy

Your bird doesn’t need expensive toys to make it happy. A simple empty wooden spool of thread will do. The spool may be dyed with food coloring and dried for additional playfulness.

Next, a simple popsicle stick (the colored ones or plain).

Birds love to nibble on nondyed paper. The paper may be woven threw the bars on the cage or just placed out for the bird to nibble on.

If you don’t have time to make toys, then there are pet suppliers that can supply them for you. Toys come individually or in a pack of 3-5 in a pack. Birds love to look at themselves in a mirror. They love bells, ropes, wooden bars, perches, balls and string toys. Birds even have playground sets with ladders and swings. They can even be entertained with a bird bath. My birds love to tip their bath over if they can. I have a bird bath shaped like a bath tub.

Make sure that your birds are in a safe zone and can not hurt themselves flying into the wrong area. Such as, in the kitchen near a hot stove. Make sure they can not get snatched by a playful cat or dog, that may accidentally hurt them. Pay attention to doors and windows they may fly out of. They might not come back. Sometimes birds walk on the floor. Make sure you do not step on them.

Lock them in their cage at night when lights are off. Put a covering over them to calm them down so they can get rest and not go bump in the night.

If you don’t have lots of time to spend with your bird, then consider another bird playmate to entertain it. Birds love attention and are happier when they have someone to be with. I recommend outside play time to be at least two hours per day. Much more if you can provide that. My birds are outside most of the day. I put them in the cage at night around 9pm. When I dimm the lights in the room, they calm down and are not as active. They actually stop their chatter, as they realize it is calm down time. When I put the cover over their cage, they stop chatter all together and know that it is bed time. They are very good birds.

Make sure to keep the cage clean and move existing toys around in the cage often. This gives them the idea that these are new toys. It prevents you from having to spend lots of money on new toys.

Take time to change water and food daily. A happy and healthy bird will give you joy.