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Building Chicken Coops – Give Your Birds Some Safety

Building a chicken run for your birds is very important. This is because it gives the bird the kind of safety which it would be generally looking for against external sources. Building a chicken run is important not only for the safety aspects of the bird but also to provide it with fresh air and some space for exercising. There are lots of other things that should be kept in mind before building a chicken run and we would look at some of them in the remainder of this article.

The location is where your entire plan should start from. The location should be such that it not only provides your hen with a wonderful atmosphere but it also keeps it safe from the other animals from which it is likely to get hurt or attacked. And if you are not very sure as to what are the kind of places that could be a potential threat to your birds, then it would be the woods and the forest areas where foxes, snakes and other animals dwell in plenty.

Fencing is another important thing that one must look into before getting into building a chicken run. Fencing could also be put as safety wiring for your birds. While doing the fencing, it is important that the fence is good enough to keep the outside animals away and the hens pretty much safe inside. There must be some space allocated for each and every bird while doing the fencing and see to it that the birds do not feel congested or craving for space. It is always better to hire in a professional to do the fencing work if you are not very much aware of the methods of doing the activity.

Birds or animals for that matter have this habit of digging the ground. And that would be the case when you build a fence as well as these birds would get together and start to dig out the ground at the base of the fence posts. Therefore it is important that you insert the posts deep inside the ground so that the birds are not able to dig out the mud and uproot the posts eventually.

Roofing is also an important aspect and it helps in keeping the flying predators like eagles, owls, hawks, etc. away. While building a chicken run; safety and security of your birds should be of prime importance and that must reflect in the way you build the place for your birds.