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Cat Ear Infections Caused by Food Allergy

Does your cat get frequent ear infections? It may be due to a food allergy.As far as medical issues with cats are concerned, I don’t think I will ever run out of topics in that area. It seems like one of our 15 always has something. Yes, you read that correctly, my husband and I have 15 cats (indoor only, spayed/neutered and rabies shots).

Stinky, one of our 15 cats, is supposed to eat the same expensive allergy food that one of our other cats, Prancie eats. I write “supposed to” because she loves to steal food from the other cats. Unlike Prancie, who gets skin issues and sneezes, Stinky gets ear infections. We always know when Stinky has been naughty because she will be scratching at her ears and making a “Xena sound” (which sounds like eye-eye-eye), as she scratches because she doesn’t make the connection that she is scratching herself. Her ears smell of infection, if you have ever had an infection or a pet with one, you will recognize that odor. She will also shake her head a lot and when she does, it makes a clicking sound. I assume this is the pussy goop in her ear- ick!

The vet prescribed an antibiotic that I squeeze into her ear and it helps right away. If your cat suffers from frequent ear infections, you may want to try a prescription allergy food (you have to get it from your veterinarian), it is pricey, but your cat will be happier and more comfortable. I get them Royal Canin allergy food which comes in rabbit. I feel guilty about the rabbit as I used to have them as pets and I know they are all unique just like kitties. Unfortunately, the duck flavor didn’t agree with either cat. There are some slightly less expensive foods at Petco and Petsmart like Dick Van Patten’s venison flavor. You would need to check labels though because some may be mainly venison, but still have chicken organs in them. Of course, if you have more than one cat, it will be a chore to keep the food separate, but if we can do it with 15 cats (most of the time) then I am sure you can handle it too.