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Chicken Arks and Runs Are Ideal For Your First Flock

From food to medicine to housing, your first chicken flock will need many things. Chicken arks and runs cover one of those needs completely as well as a second need partially. These interesting structures not only give your birds a secure place to roost in the evening, they also give the birds a safe place to feed during the day. This combined with their compact size makes them the perfect building for people new to chickens.

When you have a small flock, there is no reason to waste money and space on a full sized coop and run. Of course, if you are positive that you are going to increase your flock you can skip the ark stage. However, chicken arks and runs are excellent for any chicken owner to have. These structures tend to be more cost efficient than their larger cousins because of their petite size. That size also makes them more appealing to new chicken owners with smaller flocks. People who have had birds for years still find these buildings useful because of their ability to fit in almost any size yard.

Chicken arks and runs supply your birds with all of the benefits of full sized coops and runs, but with a much smaller footprint. These structures are designed to house three to four laying hens so they are perfect for small flocks. Since they combine a small coop with a run, they are the only structure that you will need for your new flock. This lets you save money by not having to purchase two separate structures. The lower price of these buildings makes saving money even easier.

Even if you are not interested in saving money, you will see how awesome chicken arks and runs are once they are in your yard.

Housing your birds is easy with chicken arks and runs. They allow you to keep a few birds almost anywhere you want them. This flexibility is due not only to the size of the structures, but because they are also mobile. Yes, these wonderful buildings are mobile as well as convenient sized. Almost all of the styles of chicken arks can be moved wherever you want them. This is great because it means you can locate your birds in the best location for them or for you.

Chicken droppings are an excellent fertilizer for your lawn. However, if the birds spend too much time in one location, their pecking and scratching can actually harm your grass. This is why having the ability to move the birds’ is so useful. Chicken arks and runs let you pick up and wheel the buildings and your birds to a new location, depending on the condition of your grass. You can also move them to a more sheltered location if the weather is predicted to turn nasty.

When you are just starting to raise chickens, chicken arks and runs can be your best friends. They not only give you the housing for your birds at a smaller price, but they also give you all of the benefits of being able to move your chickens as needed. They are also available in a couple of very attractive styles to suit your needs.