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Chicken Arks for New Chicken Owners

Chickens arks are what you need when you are just beginning to raise chickens. These simple buildings are perfect for every new owner. Since they combine chicken runs and coops while at the same time making them mobile, they give new owners one thing to purchase instead of two. Their smaller size also makes them more popular with people who have smaller yards. These things are what make these structures so popular with new chicken owners. While they sound nearly perfect, there are still a few things to be considered prior to building or buying on of these for your birds.

To start, you cannot buy one without knowing what chicken arks are. Simply put, these structures are small coops that are connected to small runs. Many times, they are also mobile buildings. Being mobile, you can move them around your yard or field by hand or with a tractor. A sliding door lets you close your birds in the coop each night, or when the weather is supposed to turn foul. Because this building has so many benefits, even experienced chicken owners will have one or several of them around their property.

Since chicken arks tend to be mobile, you can move your birds wherever you want them. Moving your birds gives them the opportunity to feed in a new location and on different insects. Since chicken droppings are an excellent form of fertilizer, being able to move your birds around turns your ark into a mobile fertilizer. Aside from spreading the good droppings, moving the hutch also spread out the damage that your birds will do to your lawn. Chickens that get to move and feed on different areas are healthier birds.

When it comes time to purchase chicken arks, there are a few things to consider. The most important factor to think about is the size of the structure. An average ark can easily be home to three or four laying hens. Any more than that and you are risking the health of your birds. Four birds is also a great number of birds for a new owner. You can learn how to take care of the birds without being overwhelmed. However, there is the chance that your flock will grow. When that happens you will need to upgrade to a full size coop and run.

Now that you know what size ark you can handle, you will need to decide what style you are going to go with. The two traditional styles are a basic box and a simple A-style. The only difference between these chicken arks is their looks. Both styles give your birds the same quality protection along with a space to feed. The A-style does have the coop above the run while the box has the coop next to the run. Either style works great for beginners. It all comes down to a matter of personal preference.

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