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Chicken Feeders Keep Your Birds Healthy

Healthy chickens lay more eggs and produce better meat than sickly ones do. Quality chicken feeders are one of the several steps needed to ensure the health of your birds. Many people do not realize the importance of having their birds’ feed up off the ground. Of course, these people also tend to wonder why their chickens are not as healthy as their neighbor’s chickens. While there are several steps to guarantee the health of your birds, all of these steps are easy. Aside from being easy, these steps are just common sense. Once you learn the steps, you will see that you already knew what needs to be done.

Chicken feeders do more than keep your chicken coops and runs clean. They actually help keep your birds healthy. These feathered friends are more than capable of eating off the ground. Even when you supply chicken feed for them, they will still scratch and peck at the grass looking for insect. However, feeding them from a special bin keeps their food dry. Dry food is vitally important because when it gets wet it is too easy for hidden bacteria and mold to grow. Many times, you will not even notice that there is something wrong with their food until your birds start showing signs of illness.

Chicken feed does not actually belong on the ground. As much as people like to believe that these birds prefer to eat from the ground, the honest truth is the birds do not care. Like most animals, as long as they are being fed, they have no opinion on where the food is coming from. The reason why people use a separate container to feed their birds is more for aesthetic and health reasons. Food that is left out and exposed to the elements can get moldy. If birds consume the moldy food, they can become seriously ill.

While chicken feeders are extremely important for your birds’ health, they are not the only important thing for your birds. Fresh water is just as, if not more important for your birds’ health. Water holders are actually very similar to chicken feeders. They are just designed to hold liquid instead of grain or pellets. A daily supply of fresh water will help keep your birds in good health.

When it comes to chicken feeders there are many varieties available. This is one of the times when simpler is definitely better. A simple design is easier to take care of. Because it will be housing an edible substance, it will need to be cleaned out on a regular basis. The fewer parts to the mechanism, the easier it is to clean it. Being easy to clean is only one of the benefits to a simple feeder. The simple ones tend to be cheaper as well. In fact, many of the simple designs can be constructed quickly and easily at home. There are many plans available online to construct your own chicken feeders. You can also speak with your local feed store. Many times, they can instruct you on the building of a simple feeder.