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Chicken Runs and Coops Are Multi-Purpose Structures

Once you have made the decision to keep and/or raise chickens, you need to face the fact that they will need a place to live. Chicken runs and coops do just that and more. They provide your chickens a place to roost and allow you to keep track of them easier. And when you can keep track of your chickens easier, you can find their eggs much easier than if they were not housed somewhere.

If those reasons weren’t enough, they also keep your birds safe from the many perils that they can face every single day. Those perils can come in many different shapes and sizes; everything from predatory animals to the weather can bring the end to your flourishing flock quicker than you can imagine. And believe it or not, weather can play a major role in the health and safety of your animals. Just like most other birds, even though they tend to be a bit hardier than other breeds, chickens can fall ill rather easily from the cold, or rather, from cooler drafts. But when they are housed in well-built and weather-tight chicken runs and coops, you do not have to worry about that nearly as much as if they were just left out in the elements. A structurally sound coop should be able to keep rains, sleet, snow and namely drafts out and away from your birds.

Whether you are keeping chickens for their eggs and/or food or as pets, it is absolutely vital that you keep them safe. And that is precisely where chicken runs and coops come into play. This often times simple structure allows your chickens to have a safe and warm place to sleep or hide when danger is near. Many animals, including foxes, hawks and even cats and dogs have all been known to snatch chickens from their flocks. While one or two here and there may not sound like much, it really adds up and can become catastrophic to your once flourishing flock, especially if it was a small flock to begin with. However, when you put up chicken runs and coops, you are giving your birds that extra bit of protection from those dangers.

In addition to being practical, many people are utilizing chicken runs and coops for esthetical reasons. Often times, coops especially, these structures can add a certain charm to a yard or even a house that wasn’t there before. These handy structures can be built to suit your needs and wants with relative ease, well, depending on how elaborate you want it to be of course (the more elaborate the structure, the more work is needed to complete it). Many people have coops in their backyard without owning any chickens at all; instead, they use them as storage sheds. The added charm makes for a cute addition to any old farmhouse in the country, but gives the owner a great place to store all of their yard and garden tools.

Keeping your chicken happy, healthy and safe should be your number one priority as a chicken owner. That is why it is so important to set up chicken runs and coops for them. But if you are not a chicken owner, you have not been forgotten because these fun little, or sometimes big, and healthy. So you see, regardless of the reason, chicken runs and coops are pretty important, especially if you want to keep your chicken flock intact and healthy.