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Creating the Perfect Finches Nest

When it comes to creating a finches nest if you know what you’re doing the whole process can be relatively affordable and easy. There are a few options available in terms of design and size.

You could get a nest that is woven and made of natural materials. People like them because they look the way an outdoor nest does.

If you get a wooden nest box it is recommended you get one that opens at the top; this is safer for the chicks, makes changing the materials easier, help’s with cleaning, and gives warmth and security.

It also makes handling the eggs easier, but remember the eggs have tiny pores all over them which serve as breathing holes and by handling them too much you might reduce their air supply.

Whatever type of nest you choose it can be purchased from reputable pet stores or online, they range in design and price from $2 up.

You could get a finches nest that goes on the inside of the cage but for the sake of space inside it is recommended you get one that can be attached to the outside.

A double finch nest has a partition down the middle and means you can have two nesting finches in the same place which will save you lots of space in the cage. Just remember not to put two territorial birds in the same double nest, it may cause aggression.

When it comes to materials remember the finches nest should be very soft on the inside but sturdy on the outside, have a supply of feathers ready so you can line the nest with them.

Materials can be purchased in shops or found at home, just make sure they are non-synthetic, natural, safe and clean, with any threads or strings cut into small pieces without excess. When building its nest a finch will collect anything it can find so you don’t want them or their young getting tangled up.

A finch has a unique personality that will come through in how the finches nest is created. Each nest will be slightly different from the last one. It is quite a sight watching these busy little birds collect materials and start building.

A great exercise for you is to the fill a tray with soil and grass seeds. Let the birds build their nest once the grass has grown and then put it in the cage. You will see how the process happens in the wild.

As well as the design of nest and the materials you use remember that when a finch builds its nest it’s only concerns are shelter and safety for its young, so make sure the nest is out of reach from predators, such as cats, dogs, mice, snakes, or other birds.

It is very easy to create a finches nest, and affordable too. Knowing what materials to use and what not to use is essential, along with understanding the natural behaviour of a finch when it comes to nesting.