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Crucial Facts for Constructing a Chicken Ark

If you want to successfully raise a large amount of hens you will surely want to begin building chicken coops in a permanently located spot. A chicken ark will comfortably house 3 or 4 hens, but you can grow a couple more than this amount in many situations. Successfully growing more hens than this amount will necessitate multiple portable arks or a larger chicken coop.

There are several advantages to each kind of chicken housing and knowing these can make your choice simpler. You’ll also do well by beginning with an appropriate set of blueprints. Chicken arks do not involve a lot of building materials, are comparatively economical to manufacture, and can very easily be finished in one afternoon. Nonetheless, their biggest benefit is their movability which can provide a few bonuses.

Chicken arks make use of the ground as their flooring so your chickens will be able to scratch around for a small amount of their own meals. Giving them the opportunity to consume plants and bugs, in addition to a premium premixed feed, will provide them with a healthy diet that will certainly keep them healthy. Additionally, an ark will decrease your feed expenses since the birds will be obtaining a small amount of their food at no cost. Cleanup will also be easier with this type of housing for the reason that there will not be any. Whenever one area becomes overused it’s an easy chore to move the ark to a new place where more luscious plant life and insect life can be munched on.

Clearly, one of the benefits of building chicken coops is their size. They can house however many birds as you would like. As a bonus, since they will forever be situated in the same site you can eliminate a large amount of labor that you will have with a portable ark. To give an example, with a good set of plans you can position a hinged opening or door next to the nests so that organic eggs can be collected from the exterior of the coop without the need to enter inside.

With a hen house you can hook up a simple automatic watering system. It is not hard to connect a tiny tube from a close water source to your waterers to supply water automatically. With a movable ark you will have to change the water each and every day, but this job will not be necessary with an automated water system.

Feeders can be made larger since they are located in a permanent place in the chicken house and won’t have to be moved. This will permit you to use bigger poultry feeders that hold additional feed. Utilizing big feeders will make daily feeding unwarranted. Depending on how many hens you are raising, you may be able to go days or weeks without feeding. With an automated watering system and a huge feeder you can go a very long time without any labor required.

With a good set of designs you can eliminate cleanup chores almost entirely. Making your chicken house a foot or two above the soil, utilizing wire for the floor, will permit droppings to plunge beneath the floor to the ground. This will do away with the need for frequent cleaning and will also keep the chicken droppings far away from the hens altogether.