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DIY Chicken Coop Guide Review – How To Build Chicken Coops On A Budget

For many people, the prospect of having their own backyard chicken coop with fresh eggs on a daily basis is mouth-watering. Unfortunately the cost of chicken coops pre-fabricated and sold at retail level are often considerable. In this DIY chicken coop guide review we take a look at how this guide can help you build your own chicken coop and also save money in the process.

Making Your Own Coop

There are a number of advantages to building your own coop. Did you know that a pre-fabricated coop can cost in excess of five hundred dollars and that’s before it’s even situated where you want it to go. Once you add installation costs to the initial purchase, you can be looking at several hundred dollars on top of what you’ve already paid out. This is where the DIY chicken coop guide comes into its own as it is possible to build a coop by yourself for as little as $100 providing you are willing to invest a little sweat equity into the project as well.

The DIY chicken coop guide gives you the step-by-step instructions that you need to follow in order to put together your coop construction. The accompanying diagrams give you a visual indication of how to build your coop and there’s also a handy video library you get access to as part of the package.

Saving Money On Materials

This guide also shows you how to make big money savings on your materials by purchasing what you need from your local hardware store. The beauty of this project is that the whole thing can be put together by yourself manually using inexpensive materials that are readily available.

Protection From Predators

Just because this guide shows you how to construct your own backyard chicken coop, doesn’t mean that it skimps on protecting your flock of chickens from harmful predators. The coop you will be building is above ground level which will also help to protect your flock from inclement weather conditions. Of course, you also have the flexibility of customizing your coop for a larger flock of chickens or adding your own personal touches.

As well as the main DIY chicken coop guide which shows you how to build 3 different sizes of coops, you also get special reports which are particularly useful if you are keeping chickens in the city. Another of the reports also provides you with more information on preparation prior to putting together a coop by yourself.