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Easy Ideas for Creating Your Finches Aviary

Are you building a finches aviary at home? If so there are a few things you should take into account before you start; space for your finches, enough safety from the outside world, and how you can make your own life easier in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

When constructing a finches aviary most of the materials and tools, such as lumber, wire screening, sandpaper, barbed wire, a saw, a staple gun, nails and a hammer, can be found around the house.

Sand down the lumber to make it splinter free, make frames that will be the front, back and sides of the aviary, cover each one in mesh and screw them together. Remember, as small as finches are they need a lot of space for flying so a good size for an aviary 40 inches high by 20 inches wide.

Finches come from dry grassy areas so sunlight is important, but not direct sunlight, also avoid cool breezy places. Use gravel or sand to keep the floor of the cage dry and also sub-drainage should they get rained on if the aviary does not have complete roofing.

Plants can add a nice effect within the finches aviary but keep them to a minimum because you need room for the finches to move freely and also dampness comes about in shaded areas.

You also don’t want more cleaning to do, even with plastic plants to be cleaning bird droppings off leaves or around the base of the plants.

If putting plants outside the finches aviary make sure they are not tall enough for possible predators to climb in if it is not completely covered, and also far enough away for them to be safe.

For safety-sake have a concrete footing around the perimeter of the aviary with a layer of metal sheeting about one meter high attached going around the aviary.

When it comes to accessories provide them with a few perches to land on or fly from, a nest box to sleep in, dishes to bathe in and feeders for food and water.

To keep in time with their natural day/night cycle you could install a night-light, turning it on and off at regular times throughout the day, or even getting a timer to do it.

A finches aviary will give them plenty of space and simulate their natural environment but if this is not possible than a cage will be fine. Even a ‘Flight cage’ is good because it allows them more space to fly than with a regular cage. Both regular cages and Flight cages can be purchased from pet stores or online, they can range anywhere from $50 to $600.

This is just a brief look at how to start, you can get more information from pet stores, online articles or websites. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. As long as remember the above points taking into account what you can provide your finches and what kind of budget you’re working to you should be fine.