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Finches As Pets Are a Great Choice

If you have been considering getting a pet, but you have not yet decided what type of animal you want yet, then here are some things to consider before you purchase your new companion.

You need to think about your lifestyle in order to choose a pet you will have time to take proper care of. A dog is a high maintenance pet. They must be exercised daily, they must be trained to not use your carpet as a bathroom area, they chew on everything around them until they are close to two years of age, and they require a lot of your attention. They will need several visits to the vet the first year, and at least two visits per year after that. They will need bathing, and flea medication, their nails need trimmed, and depending on the breed they may need monthly visits to a grooming salon.

Cats are a better choice for the busier person, since you do not have to walk them, but you do have to give them a litter box in your house to use. They will scratch in the litter and scatter it about the room it is in, and their litter boxes can cause your entire house to smell awful. Everyone that visits will immediately know you own a cat. They also require frequent visits to the vet, as well as treatments for fleas, and for hair balls. You have to worry about them getting overweight, and if you do not have them spayed or neutered you will have a whole host of problems to deal with every sixty days.

Tropical fish can be expensive to buy and upkeep. The equipment you need to start your fish tanks out is expensive, and you must be diligent in monitoring the water temperature, and the ph levels to keep the fish happy, and healthy. The fish do not need frequent trips to the vet, nor do they need constant attention, or for you to walk them. Fish need you to maintain a properly clean environment, which involves you taking the fish out of the tank and cleaning the tank on regular intervals. You must have aerators to supply oxygen to the water, and keep the filters clean in those also.

Parrots and snakes, turtles and lizards, all have unique problems with their upkeep. If you want to get a low maintenance, easy to care for pet you should consider the finches birds.

Finches for pets are a great idea for anyone who already has a busy lifestyle. Finches pets are fairly inexpensive to buy, they require only a rather small inexpensive cage, food, and water. They do not need to be walked, they are fairly quiet to have around, and they do not mope or pout if you cannot pay them enough attention.

When you get one of these little feathery creatures the

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