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Flight Cages For Finches

Flight cages are perfect for the finch owner that doesn’t want the expense of providing an aviary, outdoor or indoor, for their birds. Flight cages allow birds to achieve full flight which provides active birds like finches plenty of room for exercise.

Finches are small active birds that need a living environment that allows them plenty of room for activity and exercise. If they are cramped into small cages that doesn’t allow them the freedom of movement that they need, they can become stressed, depressed and ill.

Flight cages are meant for multiple birds and they usually come with several perches and feeders. They are much taller and wider than the average birdcage. Flight cages come in many different sizes, colors and prices. Bar spacing is also very important when looking at cages for your birds.

For finches, you want bar spacing to be ¼” to ½” no greater or your finch may injure itself on the bars. The absolute smallest cage for two finch birds would be 16″ X 16″ X 16″. That is the minimum for two birds.

My personal favorite flight cages are:

HQ Flight Bird Cage which measures 62″ H X 32″ L X 21″ D. This is a strong, sturdy cage that weighs in at about 50 lbs and has bar spacing of ½”. It comes with 2 breeder boxes doors, 2 plastic dishes and 2 pine perches plus much more. I have house 12 birds in this cage.

HQ Double Flight Bird Cage which measures 62″ H X 64″ L X 21″ D. This cage is double the width of the first cage. This is perfect because finches usually fly laterally not up. This one also has 2 breeder boxes, 2 plastic dishes and 2 pine perches plus much more.

HQ Giant Double Bird Cage which measures 80″ H X 80″ L X 40″ D. This cage is like a small indoor aviary and believe me your birds will enjoy it! This one comes with 4 feeder doors, 2 breeder doors, 4 stainless steel dishes, and 2 straight pine perches plus much more. This cage can easily house 2-3 dozen finches.

The Caitec flight cage measures 43 ½” L X 32″ D X 68″ H is another good one. This cage allows your birds plenty of horizontal flight room which of course, is perfect for finches.

These cages range in price from $119 to $649. Yes this is a little pricey but well worth the cost when it comes to caring for your finches. One very important thing to consider when buying a cage for your birds is space. Not just for the birds, but for nest, dishes and toys. Remember, each pair will need a nest and there should be room for food and water dishes in the cage. You don’t need to fill the cage with toys just a couple of toys at a time will be fine for your finches. So when deciding on what size cage you need for your birds, be sure to keep in mind everyday items your birds will need to have added to the cage.