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How to Get a Beautiful Nose

The nose is the part of the face above the mouth, through which breath passes. It serves as the organ of smell. It is part of the human body (along with the hands) which is uncovered or unveiled. A person’s nose contributes greatly to his/her facial/physical beauty. The nose always becomes the centre of attention whenever someone’s face is examined. One can read the culture of the nose and its central place in the study of physiognomy.

As important as the nose is to human life and beauty, a society in which all of its members wore masks is regarded as dangerous and inhuman. The nose however is loaded with multiple layers of meaning. Noses define civilization. Their history is written as part of the history of the face. One could say that the nose defines the human face. It is central to the face. The face, in terms of the psychology of perception, is not a face without a nose. Historically, anxiety about the loss of the nose is tied to stigmatizing diseases – leprosy and syphilis. The syphilis epidemic of the sixteenth century makes the ‘lost’ nose a sign of moral decay. In functional terms, the nose is the route whereby aromas reach the nerve cells. It is the channel for quiet breathing.

As a center of facial attraction, people complain when their noses are not well-shaped. They are embarrassed when they have wide noses or cavernous nostrils. I read a story of a woman who went to a diet center to lose weight. The director took her to a full length mirror where she discovered that her problem was not just being over-weight but attitude change. All the same, she commenced some days of intense dieting and exercise. At the end, she discovered that she had become so thin that people started wondering about her health condition. People will never stop bothering about their present physical condition. As those with big nose complain; people with small nose also complain. They say bigger noses make them feel like they are ugly. But what is the overall standard? Are people with larger noses less attractive? Do we all need to have smaller noses to be considered beautiful?

I doubt much. There are thousands of beautiful people out there (men and women inclusive) whose noses aren’t as small and cute as a button. My nose is fairly large but it fits my face and that’s what makes me look unique. I can’t picture myself with a smaller nose. For the person who said small noses are the most beautiful, I will beg to disagree! That’s incorrect…small noses were never the most beautiful or the most preferred. What we should understand here is that someone’s look is not based on how big the nose looks on his/her face. I know people with tiny noses who actually got teased about that for years. In my village people associate certain nose features with being feminine, and others with being masculine. Ideally, everyone is beautiful to someone, and most people are attractive to numerous people, so why do you have to worry about the shape of your nose?

Having a beautiful nose depends largely on the way you accept your physical endowment. People associate women with certain features that, according to them, portray their gender: larger lips, wider set of eyes, larger foreheads and smaller noses, whereas smaller eyes, smaller foreheads and a larger or pointed nose portray men’s masculinity. Yet, what happens when any of these features are found to be missing in shape? Definitely, you will not kill yourself, but have to live with it. There could be other ways God will compensate you for that. This is why the highly intelligent or successful people among us today are not the most beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so, to have a beautiful nose, what you need to do is to put yourself next to Christ’s perfect character which reveals how “out of shape” someone could be.

To be transformed into His image does not mean attaining a sinless perfection, but becoming complete and mature in Him. Are you worried about the size or otherwise of your nose? Don’t worry; God is in the process of shaping you up. If you believe and trust in Jesus, you will increasingly take on the image of His loveliness.