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How To Rid Your Kitten Of Fleas

So you found fleas on your tiny kitten, what should you do to get rid of them?

This will have a lot to do with how old your kitten is. It is not recommended to put any type of chemical based products on kittens under the age of six weeks old. Fleas on young kittens are extremely dangerous and can possibly kill your kitty.

If your kitty is still nursing, it can be assured that the flea infestation is on the mother cat and not the kitten, so be sure to treat the mother first.

There are few ways to remove the fleas safely without harming your kitten. You can bath him/her in liquid detergent such as Dawn with warm water, and then pick out the remaining fleas with a comb. This kills the fleas quickly and safely.

It might be easier to have 2 people doing this, one to hold the kitten while the other one massages and washes him/her. Be sure to wrap the kitty in a warm towel so he/she does not get cold.

Once the bath is over and the kitty is warmed up, you will then need to comb him/her out with a special flea comb. One trick also is to put a small amount of Vaseline jelly on comb; this will catch any remaining fleas.

These flea combs are not expensive and work great at getting the stray fleas off. The best time to use the comb is while the kittens’ fur is still a bit damp, the fleas will find it hard to move in the damp fur and make it easier for you to catch any reaming ones.

Keep the Vaseline jelly close by, so when you see a flea, you just put some Vaseline on the flea making it so it can’t jump away and you can remove it.

Another idea, is to have a warm cup of water close by, when you find the flea and remove it, put it in the water, fleas will drown. For best results, put a small amount of dish washing soap in the water.

If these methods are not working for your kitty, then the next step is to call and talk to your Vet for more suggestions and help.