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Insects as Pets

When people think of pets, they often don’t think of insects, but insects make great pets, and they are very thankful to have you make them a stellar little habitat without any of their natural predators, after all, out in the real world things get pretty tough. After all, as an insect, you never know when a bird or larger insect is going ruin your whole day and eat you for lunch! Before you dismiss what I am saying think about it for a moment.

Next, ask yourself did you have one of those really cool ant farms as child? They solve 10s of millions of those ant farms. Have you ever considered how closely humankind lives along side of our insect friends? Think about it sometime. And think how we rely on each other and also fear each other. We rely on butterflies and bees to pollinate our crops and flower gardens. And bees make us honey, in a way they are pets for beekeepers you see?

Not long ago, an acquaintance of mine showed me her Scorpion, it was fairly large, and was a pregnant female, what a magnificent and highly evolved creature indeed. Outside my home, there lives several praying mantis, you can pick them up and look closely at them and put them back in a place where they will remain camouflaged from predators, amazing creatures.

You can see the allure of having insects as pets, and perhaps also the ethics and challenges of keeping them enclosed. On one hand you are protecting them, on another you are keeping them from their work, whatever that may be. Still, there are probably no more interesting pet to have as an insect, and each one has its own niche, which it dutifully exploits in its food chain. If you do get an insect for a pet, make sure it has a mate, and that you enclose all the proper food supply it needs to ensure its happy survival.

Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this, and I wish you all the best of luck with your new insect pets. I also hope it will be a learning experience for you and propel you to do more research on the internet about your chosen insect pet species. There are so many things you should consider when designing its habitat, and in doing so you will get a world class education on who life has evolved on the surface of this planet. Think on it.