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Is Your Cat a Tree or Bush Dweller?

Does your cat like high places or does he or she prefer to hideout in things near the floor?

Cats that attempt to get themselves into high places like on top of the kitchen cabinets or on top of the refrigerator, are tree dwellers. Cats that prefer to hide in or under things such as under the bed, behind pieces of furniture in paper bags or cardboard boxes are bush dwellers.

The tree dweller types need a cat tree. Cat trees allow kitty to climb to a higher place and watch the goings on. They can play king of the mountain from the highest level of their tree. Trees with multiple shelves (sometimes called perches), condos or hammocks allow them to choose the level of their domain. Most cat trees are supported by sisal covered poles for scratching enjoyment. They feel safe, but still included in activities within the household. Place the tree in front of a sunny window and kitty can have a warm, secure feeling while watching you, your family and maybe the dog. When things in the house get boring, there are birds to watch, bugs flying by, squirrels running up and down real trees and who knows what interesting small animal may be seen in the yard. Stalking birds and whatnot through the window is exciting, you’ll notice your cats tail wagging in happiness just wishing that he or she could catch all those interesting things. The imaginary hunting will eventually tire kitty out and will almost certainly be followed by a nap in the sun that’s shining in the window. You may even hear snoring as the security of being at a higher level will allow your cat to relax and snooze. Cat trees offer multiple levels for kitty to enjoy. Some offer a comfy hammock for your cat to relax in and some offer a variety of condos for kitty to hide in. Most cat trees offer a variety of levels and comforts that will surely get a four paw approval.

The bush dweller that prefers to be in the center of things, but maybe not participate would love a small condo. A cat condo is usually a plush covered box with an opening for kitty to climb in and hide, but still see all the activity that’s going on around them. It offers comfort and makes a cat feel like he or she can see you but you can’t see them. Condos give your cat privacy and a space all their own. When they want to join an activity, they rise with a stretch and slowly come out to join the fun. Some condos or covered boxes include a scratch area for kitty to use instead of using the couch or recliner. Cats love to hide in paper bags and cardboard boxes. A cat condo gives them a similar feeling of hiding, watching and choosing when they will join you and/or keeping an eye on when the food is being disbursed.

Observe your cat and decide if he or she is a bush or tree dweller. Today, cat trees are relatively inexpensive and can be delivered right to your door. Most are so easy to put together, a child could do it.