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Overcoming Slow Twitch Muscles in High Velocity Human Endeavors

We know that all humans are built a little bit different, but we also know that there is a genetic component to fast twitch muscles, and those with slow muscle twitch. The people who have fast twitch muscles are better at sprinting, and those with slow twitch muscles are able to conserve their energy better, and they tend to be very good at things like running marathons.

Still, one has to ask is there a way to overcome the slow muscle twitch that some people have, if and when they are to get themselves involved in a high velocity human endeavor? By high velocity, I’m obviously talking about sports, but there are many other things you might use fast which muscles for, and if you are in the military in a combat situation, fast twitch muscles might be able to keep you alive.

However, in a very long firefight, where endurance matters, the slow muscle twitch will come to your advantage. Now then the question is can you take someone with slow twitch muscles and bring them to the point where they can operate in an environment where people with fast twitch muscles do quite a bit better? I believe so, and I think it has to do with muscle reflex memory.

That is to say when someone trains their muscles to work a certain way – they can overcome the reaction time, which allows them to keep up with those with fast twitch muscles. When we watch people in martial arts, it’s usually the person who has the fast muscle twitch who has the advantage. But that’s not always the case, when two people are competing and the person with slow twitch muscles has been studying the art for a decade or more they have reflex muscle memory on their side.

The muscle memory is so strong, and the reflexes so quick, that they can overcome the challenge. Indeed, I hope you’ll please consider this topic, because there’s not a lot of research that has been done on this, although there is a lot of talk in comparison, there is a lot of research on how to overcome the situation. Please think on it.

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