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Owning Wonderful Finches As Pets

Finches as pets are very popular with a lot of people, they look beautiful with their varied colours and patterns and have unique personalities and a cheerful bird song which is lovely to listen to but never too noisy.

Our modern world is getting increasingly busy so it’s great to have a pet that is colourful with personality but also independent and easy to take care of, it is a great benefit. They are content to fly around their cage or aviary happily entertaining themselves.

Due to their natures finches as pets rarely get lonely when left alone for long periods of time, which is ideal for the owners who cannot always be at home. As long as the finches have enough food and drink, and their cages or aviaries are clean with their accessories and materials organised they will be fine.

Because they do not always connect with people when it comes to handling them to clip their toe nails it can take a while to tame them, but with time it can be done. They don’t usually bite but if they do it is not dangerous or painful.

They are very sociable and close with their own groups so it is best to purchase two or more, even as many as six. Getting mostly females is best because having as many males as females gives them more chance to breed frequently, giving you problems with overcrowding.

Finches as pets get on well in their own groups but not always with other species of bird. For example, parakeets or Budgies can be aggressive towards them or even kill them so make sure you keep them separate. Even go as far as putting their cages in separate rooms, do not put them next to each other.

The main varieties of finches are the Gouldian finch, the Zebra finch and the Bengalese (Society) finch.

Other finch breeds include the Chinese Grossbeak, the Red Headed Finch and the Cutthroat Finch.

There are also certain Australian varieties such as the Painted Firetail, the Diamond Firetail and the Plum Headed Finch.

Each have certain unique traits, some are louder than others while some are more aggressive than others. Some have certain distinguishing colours and patterns, but all are generally active, hardy and made to fly a lot.

When owning finches as pets the basic things to remember are providing them with enough food and drink regularly, cleaning their cage or aviary regularly, having enough accessories and changing them around often to give the birds variety, a few perches for them to fly to and from and the right materials for the inside.

Most things can be purchased or found at home and there are also many resources available online or at pet stores.

Finches as pets are wonderful, independent, hardy and beautiful birds to own, for the newcomer or experienced bird owner. They come in a wide variety of colours and patterns and have a lovely bird song. They are a great addition to anyone’s home.