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Owning Wonderful Pet Finches – A Rewarding Experience

Pet finches are wonderful. They bring so much joy and happiness to anyone who has the privilege of owning them. They are colourful, hardy and energetic with a lovely bird song that is pleasant to listen to whenever.

They are very sociable with other finches and do not need much human contact, unlike other pets that might pine and feel lost without the owners they will fly or hop around their cage or aviary happily entertaining themselves.

That’s why they suit anyone; from the family living in suburbia to the single person in the city apartment, from the beginner to the more experienced bird enthusiast, they are ideal.

It is because of their independent nature that it may take a while for you to finger tame your pet finches, it is not always possible to do it but sometimes it can be done with patients.

When it comes to things like trimming their nails it can be safer than you think, they do not usually bite but if they do it isn’t dangerous or harmful.

The safest and simplest way is to lay your palm on its back and put your thumb and forefinger on either side of its head very gently. This will keep the bird secure in your hand but will also not hurt it. When cutting its nails be sure not to cut the vein on its foot because it could bleed to death. Bird nail trimmers and powder to stop bleeding can be purchased from most pet stores.

The Bengalese (society) finch, the zebra finch and the Gouldian finch are a few of the different breeds and they come in a variety of colours and patterns. Pet finches are fine with other finches but with other species such as Parakeets and lovebirds it can be a problem, these species can be more aggressive by nature.

When providing a living environment for your pet finches it is important to remember that as small as they are they need space. Finches can live indoors as well as outdoors but make sure they are not where they might get rained on.

Finches are made for long flights so a flight cage might be the best option providing them with width and height. Also make sure the aviary or cage is not overcrowded, it is essential for their health.

The materials you use are essential; put some damp grasses or dandelion leaves at the bottom of the cage or aviary, this will be an alternative to how they bathe themselves in the wild.

Keep their accessories to minimum; have a variety of toys but only use a few changing them from time to time for variety. You can also provide them with a mirror and branch.

Having pet finches is less costly than having birds such as parrots and other soft billed birds. They are busy and colourful, a favourite amongst beginners and experienced bird enthusiasts alike. They have a lovely bird song but are quieter than most other species and are entertaining to watch, with lovely unique personalities.