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The Zebra Finch Flight Cage

The zebra finch makes a great pet and can provide hours of entertainment and joy for the whole family. However, it is critical that they are housed in a suitable environment. If you are going to have a pair of zebra finches, a regular cage may be fine. However, it is highly recommended for multiples that you use a flight cage to house your birds. Doing so will allow for plenty of room while creating a happy living space for your birds.


Because they enjoy flying on a regular basis, it is not as important to have room vertically as it is to have space horizontally. Remember, birds do not care as long as they have plenty of space to zoom back and forth between perches.

Flight cages can be purchased or homemade. In fact, in many cases, homemade flights are not only more economical options, but better suited to your space. However, remember to space the bars no wider than ¼ inch or you risk your birds escaping or worse, getting their heads stuck. The typical flight cage can house numerous birsa and is at least 3 feet wide, 4 feet high and 6 feet long.

Furnishings and Lighting

Provide several perches of different material in your flights. Remember to keep the flight path open, but try to stagger the position of the perches. Placing some up high will provide a sense of security for your zebra finch. Consider adding toys, particularly shiny objects for your birds to interact with one another and play.

They need sunlight. In fact, when they are breeding they require 14 to 16 hours of light a day! If natural sunlight is not available, choose several full spectrum fluorescent lights and place them at the top of your flight. You can also place them on the roof of the flight for a dramatic effect.


While it is true that zebra finches are social birds, that does not mean that they enjoy lots of foot traffic or outside noise. In fact, most breeders will tell you that they do the best in a quiet, semi-removed space. Obviously that depends on how big your flight is and whether or not it is indoors or outside. Either way, take care to avoid heavily trafficked walking areas or indoor heating or cooling vents.

The zebra finch flight cage is a great way to house multiples and keep them all happy. Providing enough room for your birds to fly freely will keep them happy and content.