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There Are Many Types of Finches Which Make Good Pets

There are many types of finches which make good pets so everyone should be able to find some of these birds that they find suitable for them. The birds come in a wide array of colors, of patterns, and of characteristics. You need to research the different finch types to find the ones that have the qualities you want in your pet.

Many people like to keep Zebra finches as pets. The Zebra finch has a stripe pattern that resembles the pattern found on a zebra. They are relatively mild-mannered birds, they prefer the company of other birds to humans, but that is a common finch trait, and they sometimes are singers. Mostly the males are vocal. These little birds can be from three to five inches long, and they are fairly easy to breed in captivity.

The Strawberry finch is often chosen by pet owners because it can live comfortably in either an indoor cage, or in an outdoor aviary. These little birds have a bright red patch on their chest that looks very much like a strawberry.

An ideal bird for the first time bird owner is the Society finch. This type of finch cannot be found living in the wild, they are an utterly domesticated species. These little creatures are never more than five inches in length, and they are relatively inexpensive. You can find them in most pet stores, and they are very easy to get to breed. They have a mottled coloring of brown and white, except some are more grey and white.

The Gouldian finch is also known as the Lady Gouldian, and they are very popular as house pets. They cost a little more than the Society finch does but their bright color combinations makes up for the additional cost. These birds are a little larger than most other species of finch. They are usually five to six inches long at maturity. The males are very colorful with black heads, their bodies are green, their breasts are purple, and their bellows are yellow. The females of this species have much duller colorings, and they are usually smaller than the males. This type of finch likes to move around a lot, so if you want to raise them you will need a larger cage for them to enjoy.

The Spice Finch comes from Asia and is a very easy to keep little bird. They are sometimes called the Nutmeg finch, and even though they are less than five inches when mature they require a larger cage for their activities. They are aptly named because they are cinnamon colored little creatures.

You will find many species of these birds to keep as pets, the Orange finch is quite popular for its’ coloring. There is a vampire finch but they are rarely kept as pets, you will have to look at the birds available in your area, because there are many types of finches which make good pets.