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Things You Should Know Before Breeding Gouldian Finches

If you are thinking of breeding Gouldian finches it is very important to remember some things before you start. They are made to fly a lot so even though they are small don’t overcrowd their home.

Nest Options

A nest woven out of natural materials is a good option. They look a lot like a nest would in the wild, which makes them very popular. There is also a bamboo version of this which is very strong and secure.

A wooden nest box with an outside perch is another option. The opening at the top will make cleaning easier, handling the eggs easier, and guarantee the security of the chicks inside.

Putting the nest on the outside of the cage or aviary will give you more space on the inside.

Breeding Methods

‘Colonial Breeding’ means having a lot of finches in one space. It is advised you only have five pairs together so you’ll have a certain amount of control over what’s happening without too much overcrowding.

When breeding Gouldian finches overcrowding is fatal to their health and will harm their natural immunity to disease.

‘Selective Breeding’ gives you more control over the breeding process by putting each pair of finches in their own enclosures. You won’t have to watch them as much and you’re not leaving as much to chance.

This option will be better for you and the finches down the line.


This is a key factor when breeding Gouldian finches. But how do you know they are compatible?

If a couple were born in the same year, have equal traits or roost side by side they are. If they remain separate and are aggressive towards each other they are not.

A male will make a whistling sound, standing tall and looking at the female while bowing his head and moving it from side to side. If she is receptive they are compatible, if she does not respond they are not.

Ready for Mating

If a pair have more energy than normal and vigorously flap their wings you know they are ready to mate. Another sign is the female’s beak goes a blackish colour and the male’s goes a pearly white.

Preparing Materials

A nest must be solid on the outside and very soft on the inside. Keep everything as natural as possible avoiding synthetics. Feathers are wonderful, dry grasses are also good.

Finches will collect anything to build their nest so make sure you don’t use anything they can get tangled up in, cut away all excess.

Diet Tips

When breeding Gouldian finches the right kind of diet will guarantee healthy chicks. Give them a lot of protein in the form of sprouted seeds, egg foods or egg mix (Chopped egg shells boiled and mixed with vegetables chopped finely) and seeding grasses.–improved-search-engine-ranking/5514255