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Tips on Selecting the Best Cat Food for Your Kitty

You want to have a healthy, active and happy cat. The health and mood of your feline pet depend greatly on the cat food which you provide to him. There are numerous products to select from so you will definitely benefit from some practical advice on how to make the right choice. Find out what you need to give to your kitty to ensure his wellbeing.

Make sure that your pet will get all necessary nutrients.

Felines are carnivores. This is the reason why cat food must be rich in healthy protein. The best sources of protein include beef, chicken, turkey and fish. Other types of meats are acceptable as well provided that they do not have high concentration of fat. In general, felines require some amount of fat, but it should form less than a fifth of their meal.

The food which you buy must provide carbohydrates as well. They can come from grains, rice or potatoes. It is a common misconception that felines do not need carbs. These animals metabolise carbs easily. At the same time, these nutrients are a great source of instant energy.

Felines need fibre, zinc, iron, calcium, vitamins B1, B6, B12, E and D and linoleic acid as well. These must come from their diet. Keep in mind that the sources of these compounds are typically by-products and oils. The by-products should not cause concern as they are animal organs and skin. Things like hooves and hair are not used.

Know how to read the label.

On the label of cat food, the ingredients are listed in order depending on their weight. You should expect to see the meat ingredients first followed by the sources of fat and carbs. The ingredients delivering vitamins and minerals are listed last.

The guaranteed analysis on the label enables you to compare the nutritious value of different foods. Just make sure that you compare likes with likes. You should compare canned products only to other canned ones and dry products only to other dry products.

Let your cat sample the food before buying larger amounts.

This is a simple technique which is bound to product good results. Sometimes, felines simply refuse to eat a certain type of food due to the scent which it produces or for another reason. You would not want to risk buying large amounts of a product before you are certain that your pet will eat it.

Finally, you should pick only healthy treats. Cat grass is an excellent choice since it is actually a healthy source of carbs. Catnip is another low-calorie cat food treat.