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Which Cat Tree Should I Get For My Cat?

With so many options, how do you know which cat tree is right for your cat? While some are inexpensive, others are quite an investment. Before you purchase a cat tree that your cat thumbs his nose at, determine your cats likes and dislikes.

We spoke a while ago about tree dwellers verses bush dwellers. Cats that like to be in high places will prefer a much higher cat tree than a bush dweller type that likes to hide but still be near the household activity. Adult cats have different needs than kittens. Homes with multiple cats will require several levels to play, nap and sharpen their claws. So how do you know what kind of cat furniture your cat will like best?

First, let’s talk about kittens. They’re so cute and so active they will play with almost anything, anytime and suddenly just fall asleep… dead to the world… out like a light! Kittens love almost anything that resembles a tree, something they can climb and play on and of course fall asleep on. Important for kittens is an option to climb up to the very top and then learn to climb their way back down to the floor. Remember that a kitten will quickly turn into a cat. If you select a tree or condo that’s too small, your kitty will need a larger one at some point in time. Multiple levels allow your cat to decide if he prefers to be in a high place or at a lower level. Don’t think small kitty, small tree; think small kitty will grow into a big kitty. Invest in something that will be useable for many years into the future.

Adult cats obviously require a larger tree. Your cat tree or condo should have multiple levels, a condo and perches. Place it in front of a sunny window and presto, the perfect place for bird watching, napping, playing; just about anything that cats like to do. The scratching posts will help to save your furniture and they should be wrapped with sisal rope. Cats are naturally drawn to sisal and scratching those poles is a no brainer! Some cats like hammocks and some don’t, many models do include a hammock. If your cat does not like to step or lay on something that moves, avoid the hammock.

Of course, the available space that you have in your home is another factor when making your selection. Consider durability, the ease of cleaning and color. You probably don’t want a pink cat tree in your living room. Look for quality, you want something that isn’t going to fall apart in a few months.

Most models today include a hanging toy for your cats entertainment. When the cats are running up and down the tree, that hanging toy is irresistible to take a swipe at. Last, but certainly not least, is price. Don’t be fooled by price. Look for a cat tree that has replacement parts available. We’ve heard stories about a dog chewing up the sisal scratching posts, a husband that sat on one of the lower perches and a dog that claimed the hammock for his own. The trouble was he was too heavy and broke it straight away. It’s a lot less expensive to replace a part verses replacing the whole tree. Compare different brands, different models, height, perch, condo and hammock options before you decide. There are so many inexpensive, good quality cat trees available. Don’t make a hasty purchase, a cat tree is a very important part of your cat’s health, happiness and general well-being.