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Why And How to Choose A Cat Tree

Online you can see the different shapes, sizes, and colors of cat trees to choose from at your finger tips and from the comfort of your own home, or of course from your mobile device any where at any time, and have it delivered right to your door.

A cat’s natural instinct is to climb and get the best vantage point they can find. They love to see what is going on and yes escape the from the dog or people at times.

There are many shapes and sizes of cat trees. There are round, square, ones for corners, short and wide trees. When picking out the right cat tree know where you want the tree and the dimensions of the area you have planned for the cat tree. That way you know what size to get there are small, medium, large or outdoor cat enclosures. The outdoor ones work for condo balconies and yes even RV’s because they are portable and have carry cases. For inside a small house, or apartment there are nice small trees and even some mediums will fit, also they have the window seats. For a big area inside and depending how many cats you have (and yes if you have the lovely high energy pooch also) the large tree will give your cats a safe haven. With multi cats you will probably want a medium to a large tree with several rest areas so each cat has one. Some have toys attached to keep your cat(s) active. Some trees come with little house hideaways to sleep after playing. Trees with hideaways, perches and cradles are the ultimate trees, that way your cat will have plenty to places to rest and see what’s up. Some of them come with tunnels also, which cats love. The cats love to look out the window so where ever you put the tree try to have it so they can see outside. My husband and I just love watching our two cats go up and down the tree playing with each other. They go up, like up the sides, like rockets.

That’s why I say give them room. Cats like to hang out on the tree just checking out what you are doing. The trees work out great for if you have a big dog. Put the cat food on a perch so the dog won’t get to it. No dirty bowls on your counter and the food is safe from the dog. Most trees come with rope scratch post which hopefully will deter and claws on regular furniture. The trees also come in some different colors to fit your decor. There is a tree the fits every cats personality.