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Wonderful Finches As Pets

Why are pet finches becoming a more popular choice amongst people of all ages and experience levels? Because they are small yet hearty, always look pleasant no matter what the variety, are quiet yet make a pleasant sound when they do sing and are fun to look after.

They are also very entertaining as they play amongst themselves. They are very content in their own groups and don’t need a lot of human contact.

For these reasons they are popular with a wide variety of people. From the single person living in an apartment in the city to the family living in suburbia the finch is a great pet to have.

Finches come in varieties such as the Society Finch, the Gouldian Finch and the Zebra Finch and also a wide variety of patterns and colours. They are generally very sociable and can be kept with other finches without a problem but with other species such as Lovebirds, Parakeets or other hook bills it would be best avoided; these birds tend to be more aggressive by nature.

One of the best things about having pet finches is their ability to play amongst themselves because as sociable as they are they don’t need to contact with people to be happy, they won’t behave like other animals might if you can’t give them attention all the time.

This is also a reason why your finches may not be great at being finger tamed, although with time and patience it might be possible.

So what about when it comes time to do something like trimming your finches nails? It is actually very simple and safe for both the owner and the finch, lay your palm on its back and wrap your fingers around the finch with your thumb and forefinger gently on either side of its head. It won’t usually bite but if it does it won’t usually be harmful or dangerous.

It is important to keep in mind that like most bird species your pet finches need room to move within their cage or aviary so make sure their accessories are kept to a minimum; literally one mirror, toy or branch which can be changed around at various times to give them variety and allows them the freedom to fly from perch to perch.

In the wild the finch loves to roll in damp grasses to bathe themselves so as an alternative why not put some damp grasses or dandelion leaves at the bottom of the cage or aviary for a couple of hours as a treat for your pet finches.

The finch is a favourite amongst bird enthusiasts because while they have a cheerful bird song are also a lot quieter than most other bird species, and while they are hardy and have an entertaining and unique personality they are also a lot less costly in the long run than most other species, such as many parrots and soft billed birds.