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Your Guide To The MyCAA Program

Many military spouses are affected in their career development and advancement because of the necessity to move frequently and to relocate at each move. This is one of the serious problems. In appreciation of this problem and the necessity to provide military spouses with education and certification that could enable them to pursue their careers, the US Department of Defense has created a program called Military Spouse Career Advancement Account, which is known as the MyCAA program. This program is designed to provide education, financial assistance and help in employment for the spouses of both active military personnel and reserve personnel recalled to active duty.This is one of the most important program implemented by US Department of Defense.

More details regarding this are as the following,

Spouses of military personnel in specified pay grades (E1-E5, W1-W2 and O1-O2) can pursue a degree or certification programs and will be entitled to a maximum of $4000 by way of financial assistance. These will be applicable to portable careers for which there is high employment demand so that employment opportunities are readily available. Examples of portable careers include Health and Hospitality management, financial services, information technology and so on. Other courses that are encouraged include education and business management programs. Spouses who are legally separated are not eligible for this assistance. Spouses who pursue active military careers themselves are also excluded. Cover is also ruled out for spouses whose spouses serve in the Coast Guard.

The financial assistance can be used to pay for tuition fees in both education and training programs. The funds may also be used to cover credential or licensing fees as well as the costs of textbooks and other material that are essential to the completion of the course. However, these funds may not be used to cover expenses such as application fees, computers and child care expenses. The program is web-based and can be accessed through the Internet after registration. There are many schools and institutes that are approved for the program. In case your chosen school is not on the list, you can arrange for them to be enrolled but remember that the process takes three or four months.This is the required time for it.The above information will be helpful for all the military spouses who want to have the above facility.This will help them for completing their life’s some of the most important things which they missed.