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12 Ways to Conquer 2017 New Years Resolutions

As 2017 approaches, I wanted get some tips out there about how to achieve your goals for the upcoming New Year.

The New Year! Yes, everything will change. I’m going to do better on my diet, lose 100 pounds, stop smoking, walk and exercise more, get that cholesterol level down, stop drinking so much, be nicer to people, and blah, blah, blah.

We’ve all been there one year or another, wanting to make changes, sometimes we do, for a couple weeks, and then we relapse right back to where we were before the New Year. Then disappointed, we may try a mid February ‘resolution‘ or mid year resolution, anything to get us motivated to make that change.

The question is why we wait for the New Year to come around to make it happen. We don’t need to give it a name, or wait for a particular time of the year, we need to “just do it”. If there is one thing that I’ve learned its that people really do not like change.

We get into our own little bubble, and we are in our ‘zone’ our comfort ‘zone’. That is where we feel safe, it’s not perfect, but hey, it’s what we’ve always done and we are familiar with it and good or bad, we own it. We deeply resent others telling us that it’s not healthy, that change is good.

The truth is, life is always changing. Life is a series of little steps moving us forward. Most people don’t like change, but truly life is in a constant state of evolving. Always moving forward whether we are prepared or not. Change happens.

Some people hate change and resist it daily, generally those who do resist are suffering because they know that their resistance is in vain, change will happen whether you like it and accept it, or hate it and continue to resist. If you doubt this look in the mirror, you’ve changed since last year, and the year before. Life evolves without your permission or approval.

Obviously, the only way to stop change is to die, but wait that’s the biggest change of all. Maybe tiny incremental changes are not so bad after all. Each single day and every single hour presents you with changes. Regardless of our acceptance or denial we are constantly changing, evolving, growing, and expanding.

So if change is a common daily occurrence, one which happens to all of us, regardless of our desire to accept it, why not make choices for our changes?

Move into the direction of change without fear, without resistance to it and most importantly move into change with purpose, passion, and focused intent, with a solid idea of your direction and goal.

1. Clarify your goal in writing, be exact. This is your destination.

2. Pick a date in the future. (Doesn’t have to be New Years day.)

3. Give yourself a couple of weeks to think it over, become familiar with the idea that things are going to be better (usually healthier).

4. Write down your plan; focus on those daily steps to be successful. This is your road map.

5. Be reasonable. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Be kind to yourself.

6. Make it measurable, be able to gauge how you’re doing.

7. Set smaller goals to measure incremental steps (How to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.)

8. Give yourself a reward for when you accomplish you goal. Make it good!

9. Some people enjoy having a goal partner, someone who is going on the same path, but you will have to decide for yourself if this is best for you.

10. Most importantly: Take five minutes morning and night, to close your eyes and visualize yourself already experiencing your goal, feel it, see it, be it. Imagine being right there, where you want to be, having already reached your goal.

11. If you mess up one time, just get right back on the plan! You don’t fail until you quit!

12. Congratulate yourself and set your next big goal!

Remember, change is coming whether you like it or not. If last years resolutions are the same as this year, you may have more weight to lose.

Isn’t it better to decide for yourself what changes you would like to make? If would like help attaining your goals, no matter what time of the year it is Hypnotherapy may be the little extra help that you need to move past that hump and get you on the downhill glide.