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16 Reasons to Eat More Parsley

Parsley is a bright-green herb originating from the Mediterranean. The leaves, seeds, and roots are used to make medicine to treat conditions, such as kidney stones, urinary tract infection, prostate and colon cancer, constipation, indigestion, and bad breath.

This flat-leaf or curly garnish does not only add color and flavoring to dishes, but also provides numerous health advantages. The list of benefits and healing properties includes the following:

  1. Vitamins A, B 12, C, and K keep an immune system strong, and strengthen bones.
  2. Flushing excess fluids and toxins from the body will improve kidney function.
  3. Help keep your blood pressure under control by eating a few parsley sprigs a day.
  4. The folic acid in this herb improves heart function.
  5. The vitamin C found in this plant prevents the hardening of arteries.
  6. Massage parsley oil into your scalp to decrease hair loss.
  7. A daily dose of this herb can reduce joint pain and inflammation.
  8. Drink parsley tea to improve digestion and relax stiff, tense muscles.
  9. The essential oils in this herb may slow down cancerous tumor growth.
  10. Females often eat it to improve hormone balance.
  11. The nutrients in parsley can help cure anemia and fight fatigue.
  12. Add a big bunch of it to juice to encourage vision health.
  13. Rub the leaves against dry or cracked skin to add moisture.
  14. Try it to cure skin rashes.
  15. The healing compounds apiole and myristicin strengthen urine flow and remove infection-causing bacteria from urinary tracts.
  16. A high concentration of anti-oxidants can ward off cancer-causing agents and are known to neutralize carcinogens.