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3 Ways Your Dog Messes Up the Garden Pathway (And How You Can Fix It)

Few things are better than an enthusiastic welcome home on yet another busy day by your dog, whether it is a stocky little Pug or a larger loyal Labrador. Like all other dog owners, you bask in their affection, but you also are no stranger to the stress that comes with finding out they did something mischievous. One example is when your beloved pet decides it is a good day to mess with your beloved garden pathway.

Here are some ways they do that:

Kicking it around

Why most dogs like to kick around loose gravel, we do not know. They for sure are the specialists of rolling into your freshly installed white gravel! It is probably for the same reason children love to stomp through it or why you too would enjoy kicking pebbles once in a while. And that’s OK.

However, it gets problematic when you meticulously design your garden pathway to look a certain way and your furry friends keep messing it up. You end up spending quite a lot of time cleaning up and re-arrange after them, which, on a daily basis, can get really time consuming!

Digging holes into it

Kicking loose gravel, on the other hand, is nothing compared to digging holes into it. Dogs are naturally curious, so it cannot be much of a surprise if they do. Also it’s often part of their own little protocol ans there’s nothing you can do to prevent them. Still, we cannot blame you for getting frustrated about it.

You put a lot of thought into that pathway and your little pal just digs through it. Fantastic.

Eating it

Alternatively, your dog might decide that the pathway’s loose gravel looks good enough to eat and does it-or attempts to, at least. This is equal parts a headache for you and a nightmare for the veterinarian.

Maybe it’s time you do something to keep those loose gravel in place for your garden’s aesthetics, your dog’s health and your own peace of mind as well?

A new environmental solution actually exists to keep your garden pathway’s loose gravel and stones in place while maintaining their natural look. It’s affordable, convenient, clean and you can even install it yourself. And a large range of colours is available to suit your tastes and garden.–62e9fb15aa2d08d7c81e910c–62e9fb731ffcd17ae91ebfd7–62e9f8ea4c786f299e13f452