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5 Foods to Avoid When You Are Stressed

I know a lot of people are going to disagree with the title of this article, but it is indeed true that a lot of foods affect your mental stability. There are many things that we eat (almost every day), which we must not, especially when we are highly stressed. I can prove that food affects the stress levels in an individual. Remember how you generally hog on food when you are highly tensed? Well, that proves my point!

Talking of food and stress, there are some things that you need to remember. Eating something that you really like is okay, as long as you eat it in a limited quantity. Just because you are hungry does not mean you are free to hog on your favorite ice cream. You need to know how much to eat for the sake of your health.

Most of the fat people you see walking on the streets are highly stressed. It is a vicious circle – you eat when you are stressed and you are highly tensed because of the food that you eat. So, I am here to tell you about the following five foods that you must avoid when you are tensed about something:

  1. Deep fried junk food – Burger with double cheese or French fries sound good when you are hungry, but not when you are stressed. When you eat in tension, you tend to gain weight, which makes you tensed again (since most of the people are always conscious about their appearances)
  2. Cheese – Did you know cheese could actually slow down your thinking levels? Well, now you know. In fact, most of the people with migraine are suggested to avoid cheese or anything that needs cheese for preparation. For an instance, people with migraines prefer avoiding pizzas and club sandwiches with cheese.
  3. Sodas – Who doesn’t like a can of soda or aerated drink? We all love drinking it, especially when we have nothing to do or we are stressed. But aerated drinks can actually add on to your stress levels. Don’t trust me? Do some research and find the truth yourself!
  4. Coffee – We just can’t live without coffee, can we? I always preferred sipping on a cup of hot black coffee when I was stressed, until my doctor told me to stop it. Coffee, especially black, has a lot of negative effects in your body!
  5. Chocolates – A lot of people believe that chocolates work as antidepressants, but eating too many of them can not only increase your weight, but also your stress levels.