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5 Secrets for Finding Amazing Gifts

Whether you are getting an early start on your Christmas gift shopping, you have a friend or loved one’s birthday coming up, or you just want to bring home the perfect souvenir for that special someone, giving amazing gifts is a quality that is trained not bred. One of the biggest keys to finding perfect gifts is to simply keep your eyes peeled for that perfect unexpected gift, year-round. If you want to develop the ability of giving the perfect gifts, here are a few secrets from the experts.

1. The best gifts require the giver to make some kind of sacrifice – While ‘sacrifice’ does not have to mean pawning of your great grandmother’s wedding ring so that you can afford a $7,000 Neiman Marcus dog house (yes, this is a real product) for your friend. In fact, your sacrifice does not have to be financial at all. In many cases, the best sacrifice is simply carving out a little time to explore an antiques barn or flea market for that perfect gem for your special someone.

2. The gift should be given solely to delight the recipient – Another way of saying this is that you should never give a gift with the expectation of getting something in return. Instead, the best gifts focus solely on the recipient. For instance, one expert gift giver found a mourning locket for her stepmother. The stepmother’s canine companion had recently passed away, so the gift giver pasted a picture of the dog in the locket and had it engraved before presenting the gift to her stepmother on Christmas Day. This gift is meant solely to bring pleasure to the recipient, making the giver seem all the more thoughtful.

3. The best gifts are a luxury – Keep in mind that ‘a luxury’ does not necessarily have to mean a luxury item. For instance you do not have to go out and buy a several thousand-dollar Prada purse. A luxury, in this sense, means something that the recipient of the gift wants but is unable to acquire for themselves due to lack of resources, time, or availability of the gift. For instance, a round trip plane ticket to your nephew who dreams of seeing the world, will go a lot farther than some fancy and expensive piece of clothing.

4. The perfect gift is appropriate for the recipient – The best gifts are an appropriate match with the recipient’s personality, or communicates something about the relationship between giver and recipient. One of our expert gift givers once gave a canvas tote bag to her friend with an often-used phrase printed on the side of it. Not only does it reflect the recipient’s personality, but also shows that the giver listens to her friend and remembers key details about her.

5. The perfect gift is surprising! – Have you ever wondered why people around the world wrap their gifts in wrapping paper before handing it off to that special someone? It is because the best gifts come as a surprise! While this could mean just getting the recipient something they didn’t expect, it could also mean giving the gift on a day other than a major holiday. Keeping it surprising is bound to make your gift unforgettable!