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5 Top Secrets for Finding Amazing Gifts

Gift giving is an art. What’s too much? Too little? Too pricey? Too cheap? We tend to buy gifts several times a year, not just Christmas. There are birthdays, baby showers, wedding showers, going away gifts and housewarming gifts. Even I’m-so-sorry gifts. Trying to find gifts for different people and different occasions can be overwhelming (and sometimes frustrating), particularly those gifts that are thoughtful and amazing.

Here are a few secrets you can use to figure out how to find amazing gifts.

1. Give It Some (Lots) of Thought

This sounds simple enough but how much thought we actually put into gift buying actually reflects what you give. Some say it is not really the thought that counts; it is the actual thinking that counts. Sitting down and seriously thinking about the person and their distinctive wants and needs is a good way to come up with special gifts that will have lasting memory.

Studies have shown that when people focus their mind on what they can do to give to another human being, a part of their brain lights up. Thinking about helping someone else shifts the emotional dynamic of the brain and kicks in these pathways of joy and gratification.

2. Priceless Gifts

Often the most meaningful gifts are those that can’t come from anybody else. It cannot be purchased, and that is what makes it so precious and gratifying to the receiver. If it is your wife’s 50th birthday, a priceless gift is to read off 50 reasons why being married to her has been a delight.

3. No Guilt Giving

Oftentimes giving comes from a place of obligation when it ought to be from genuine joy of seeing the receiver happy. Obligatory gifts diminish the gift and does not carry the same meaning.

4. Gift-Giving Alternatives

Sometimes gifts you consider “alternatives” are actually better than what you might have had in mind. Great gifts can be a poem, a song, a funny story, a joke, a magic trick, or even a dance number. Thinking this way always gives you the opportunity to come up with out-the-box ideas that the giver will most certainly find unique.

5. Think Care Package

Gift baskets are special because they are often a collection of things with a theme that comes together in a cohesive way. Think long and hard about what the person has been doing and what they might need in order to keep doing it. Pick one thing and then set out not for the one perfect gift but a host of smaller gifts centered on the theme. For someone who just started running for exercise, for example, there could be a running-themed package of socks, stopwatch, running tights, etc.