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6 Amazing Things About Canines That Will Leave You Completely Dumbstruck

You might have seen your furry pal do lots of different things. Some of them would be amazing while others would startle you. But there are something that your wagging tail seems to hide from you. Let us look at these amazing things:

Amazing Fact No. 1: If your furry pal is trying to pick his tail, then most probably he needs help from the veterinarian.

There are a wide array of reasons for your tyke to chase their tails. Some of them include:



Presence of fleas

Predatory instinct

In order to better understand this behaviour, it is important to take him to the veterinarian who would let you know the exact reason for your doggy to chase his tail.

Amazing Fact No. 2: Dogs dream while they are sleeping.

You might have observed your furry pal barking or moving his feet while sleeping. The most logical explanation for this behaviour is that he is chasing his dear one at the park in the dream. It has been researched and found that human beings and dogs have the same slow wave sleep along with rapid eye movement while sleeping.

Amazing Fact No. 3: Dogs have night vision.

You might have noticed your furry pal freely moving in the dark. Dogs have tape-tum lucidum that aids them to look for things in the dark. That is the reason due to which they are able to catch robbers trying to steal your valuables during the night.

Amazing Fact No. 4: Dogs do not sweat the same way as human beings do.

Dogs do not sweat everywhere. They only sweat on the pads. So, the next time you find your furry pal sweating from paw pads it might be an area which is too warm to reside for them.

Amazing Fact No. 5: They are kings of smell.

Dogs can smell 100,000 times more accurately than owners. This is the very reason due to which FBI takes the help of dogs to search for unwanted items in public places.

Amazing Fact No. 6: The dog’s nose is wet because he is absorbing scent from the surroundings.

Dogs have the ability of sensing scents like no other animal. They secrete a mucous on their nose that aids them to find out the scent more precisely than any other animal. Whenever their nose gets wet, they lick it to sample the scent that they have gathered from their mouth.

There are lots of other things that you would not be able to understand about this wonderful pet. Some of the things that we have mentioned in this write-up might sound funny and amusing, but the fact remains that dogs are really amazing by nature and the more we try to explore about the them the more we learn something new. But the most important thing that we can ever do is to take care of these furry companions by taking them for regular vet visits and providing necessary treatments for their overall healthy well-being.