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6 Amazing Ways to Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks on Dogs

Fleas and ticks are the nemesis of domesticated dogs all across the world. They not only irritate the canines, but also cause peculiar diseases that can harm your tyke. Even if your furry pal spends most of the time indoors, still there is a potential risk from pathogens that fleas and ticks can carry. Hence, it is important to take these pointers into consideration to get rid of fleas and ticks on dogs:

  1. It is very important to groom the pooch and keep him clean and healthy. Remember, canines pick up dirt, debris along with fleas and ticks. When you groom him, there is a window of opportunity to carefully scrutinize for the signs of fleas, ticks or other infestations along with some skin ailments. Utilize a pin brush if you have a long-haired breed and bristle brush for other dog coats. It is important to brush short-haired breeds on a weekly basis, while long-haired breeds like sheepdogs need to be brushed on a daily basis.
  2. You can check for ticks on the dog’s coat by feeling the bumps. If you find a bump, scrutinize the space for ticks. Even look under the legs, between toes and in the ears of the dog. If you see a tick, put on a pair of gloves and get rid of it. It is recommended to remove the tick using tweezers or a tick remover.
  3. While utilizing tweezers, ensure that you hold the tick up, away from the dog swiftly to get rid of the entire tick. It has been observed that sometimes while removing the tick, the head of the pesky parasite can remain attached to the skin of the canine that can lead to infection. Hence, while using a tick remover, follow the manufacturer’s instruction completely so that you get rid of the whole tick. After taking it out, place it in a small container filled with isopropyl alcohol to preserve the specimen for identification if the tyke develops a tick-borne disease.
  4. Flea comb is a tool that can be used to search for fleas on dogs. Run the comb through the fur of the pooch, commencing from the head, working back toward the tail. After a few strokes with the comb, inspect the comb’s teeth for fleas. Then dip the comb in soapy water to kill the fleas and then clean it with a rag or cloth. Once you have completed the process to wait for a few minutes and then repeat it. Get rid of the soapy water in the drain and vacuum the area where you combed the doggy.
  5. Once the brushing and combing is completed, bath your furry pal. Fill the bottom of the tub with a couple of inches of warm water and then softly lift and place your pooch in the tub. Grasp the pet gently but firmly in the tub thereby praising him. Use a handheld shower nozzle or poured water from a cup to wet the pet, commencing from head and moving towards the tail. Ensure that the water does not enter the canine’s eyes or ears. Then apply the dog shampoo on the fur of the pet till the coat is lathered. Rinse the shampoo in the same way as you wet the dog but ensure that the water and shampoo does not enter the eyes or ears. If it is a hot climate, you can even bath your doggy outside, utilizing a garden hose.
  6. If you find fleas using a flea comb, utilize a flea and tick shampoo to wash your furry pal. But follow the manufacturer’s instruction. Dry the dog’s coat using a towel. After the bath, once again brush the coat to keep the fur of the pet from getting matted and to keep his coat shiny.–62e9f620168ae184cb28e373–62e9f6955e50ddca88ff03f6–62e9f7aaf77f7df0604c5c4a