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8 Things You Can Do With Wooden Beads

There are just some jewelry supplies which are as versatile as wooden beads. In their natural earthy color, they look beautiful and they can even be dyed or painted to give them a vibrant look. Whichever type of wooden beads you choose, you just cannot go wrong with them. The best part is that you can use these beads in a number of different projects. Here’s a look at 8 things you can do with wooden beads.

1. Jewelry making – this is of course the most popular use of wooden beads. They have been used in jewelry making since the existence of mankind and they continue to be used in the creation of amazing and beautiful jewelry items. These beads are suitable for necklaces and bracelets and they are also the best choice for men’s jewelry.

2. Japa malas – Japa malas which are used for prayer in the Indian and Buddhist culture are commonly made from wood beads. Japa malas usually consist of 108 beads and they can also be used for meditation and calming emotions.

3. Decoration – these beads can be used to decorate a number of things such as household ornaments, curtains, curtain rods and even spines of textbooks. You can use them as part of your Christmas decorations too.

4. Scrapbooking – most people like to use 3D embellishments in their scrapbooks and one of the best elements for this project is colorful wooden beads.

5. Base of hanging bird planters – these beads are extremely lightweight and you can even use the largest of these beads without worrying about them getting too heavy. These beads can form little nests for your hanging bird planters. You can use natural ones or multicoloured ones.

6. Keychains – these beads being lightweight is their biggest advantage. You can string few multicoloured beads on a leather cord and attach it to your house or car key. These keychains are unique and they will not make your pocket heavy as well.

7. Pendant lights – another amazing thing to do with these kinds of beads is to use them to create pendant lights. This is a unique idea for lighting up outdoors and backyards.