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About Friendship Bracelets And How To Attach Bracelet Clasps To Them

Friendship bracelets are widely sold on Friendship Day. Although this occasion is not as popular as Valentines Day, it holds special significance for people who believe in it. Most people wear these bracelets without even knowing what it means. The reason is that these handmade bracelets are extremely beautiful and they really stand out from all other types of funky bracelets. These are made from thread or yarn and the process is quite simple. If you are able to master the process, you will be able to make at least three of these in one hour.

On Friendships Day, these bracelets are given to friends. It must be tied on the wrist and worn as a symbol of long lasting relationship. These bracelets became popular in the United States around the 1970s and today they are more popular than they used to be before. Making friendship bracelets is quite easy. Basically any type of knotting style can be used. There are basic styles as well as more complex patterns that jewelry designers make.

Usually, these bracelets are tied with the same thread or yarn they are made of on the wrist of the wearer. But wouldn’t it be nice if these bracelets also had clasps to make fastening and unfastening easy and hassle free? In this article, I will tell you how to attach bracelet clasps to friendship bracelets.

If you have a wider bracelet, you will need a wide crimp connector, a narrow crimp head clasp, few jump rings if the clasp doesn’t already come with one and a lobster clasp. You can also consider using a spring clasp for your bracelet.

You must cut out the loose threads at the ends of the bracelets before using bracelet clasps. You can add glue so the threads stick together. Allow the glue to dry and push one end of the bracelet inside the first part of the clasp. Into this, press the metal that has been closed with pliers. If the bracelet clasp you have purchased does not come with jump rings, you can add them to the clasps.

You can also try using a fold over crimp clasp. For this, you must cut out the loose threads leaving about ¼ of an inch of thread. Twist the thread using your fingers. Apply some glue to make sure they stick together. Insert the end of the bracelet into the clasp and using pliers, fold one side of the clasp and the other side on top of the first side.