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About That Kleenex

Until H1N1 I was a Kleenex saver. If it was gently used I saw no reason to toss it right away. It would be wasteful. Now I look at them differently.

Door to Door Lady: I was sitting in our travel trailer writing when it happened. A woman came to my door with a used Kleenex. She used it, tossed into my flower bed and knocked on the door.


She didn’t get away with it. I don’t know what she had if she had anything and I didn’t want to catch it. I think she was embarrassed to be caught, but really? In a potential sale you’d do that?

Saving Them: If it’s only been used for a sneeze I saw no reason to throw it away. Then it occurred to me that a lot of people were getting sick from just this sort of thrift.

Spreading Germs: Where does one store the gently used tissue? In our purse? How about a pocket? Or maybe just on the edge of the desk? What does it touch? Anything it touches or touches it is contaminated with whatever caused the sneeze, etc. That’s a good reason to toss it.

Leave the Hanky Home: Some people’s reaction the tissue tossing problem is to carry a handkerchief. Those can be rewashed, so it’s a perfect answer, right?

Not so fast. Aside from the questions about where it’s been and what it’s touched keep in mind that someone has to launder that germ laden cloth. That person may be you, but in my household it will almost always be me. I don’t want your cold.

The invention of throw away tissues is wonderful. It has probably saved countless millions from catching something even if it’s only the common cold. The idea is to continue to use it for what it was invented for. Use it once and throw it away… and not in my flower bed.