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Advantages Of Using Private Jets As Air Ambulance

There are many different types of aircraft that are used by air ambulance services for transportation of patients. Typically three classes of aircraft are primarily utilized such as piston propeller planes, turbine engine planes, customized option and jet aircraft. All of these aircraft have their own advantages and disadvantages.

However, when it comes to choosing the aircraft for use as an air ambulance, no other aircraft can match the safety, comfort and speed offered by a private jet. This is the reason that most of the patients choose to take a private jet for use as an air ambulance.

The piston propeller plane is typically used for transporting patients when the distance to be covered is up to 500 miles. It is important to keep in mind that the speed of these aircraft is limited to 200 to 300 mph and most of the times, only a single passenger can be transported. These aircraft are typically not able to fly in different weather conditions. The cabin in such aircraft can be pressurized to ensure comfortable journey for the patient.

The turbine engine planes have a range of up to 900 miles. These can carry additional passengers and are capable of flying in inclement weather. However, the speed of these aircraft cannot match the speed offered by a private jet aircraft. Also, if one is required to have a long journey, there is a lot of time wasted in refueling and for changing crew.

The preferred aircraft for transporting patients is the jet aircraft. One of the biggest advantages of these aircraft is that these have high range and are capable of flying in almost any weather conditions. Also, all of the jet aircraft come with pressurized cabins and with lavatories, which are essential for patients.

Needless to say, jets like Learjets are very reliable and are typically the only option for transporting patients over long distances, especially for transatlantic and transpacific transportation of patients. Some of the other advantages of using private jets as air ambulance are as follows.

Least Stressful

The jet’s cables are pressurized to ensure that the patients are able to travel in a comfortable manner. This also makes travelling easier for the paramedics. As mentioned above, Jets can travel at a very high speed and are extremely useful in cases where a few minutes can be the difference between life and death. In such cases, a jet aircraft can literally save lives.

All-Weather Aircraft

As mentioned above, the jet aircraft can travel at altitudes similar to commercial airliners. This means that these can fly in almost all the weather conditions and therefore, can get the patient to the required medical facility irrespective of the weather.

A Lot of Room

Another advantage of using a jet aircraft as an air ambulance is that these have a lot of room. This also means that if one has to transfer more than one patient in an air ambulance, these patients can be easily transported in a jet aircraft. Also, there is a lot of room available for luggage as well as other necessary equipment in a jet aircraft.