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Attaching Magnetic Clasps To A Tote Bag

A tote bag is a large bag that women carry. These bags are larger than handbags and they don’t have compartments inside to carry different items such as mobile phones in a different compartment, cosmetics in a different compartment, coins in a different one and so on. These bags just have a single compartment in which all the items can be carried. Usually, these bags can be used to carry many different types of things. For example, if you are going to the beach, you can carry your sunglasses, sunscreen lotion and a small towel inside. Tote bags have handles, but only some come with zips to keep things secure.

If you have a tote bag that does not have a zip, you can make your bag secure by attaching magnetic clasps. Magnetic clasps are commonly used in jewelry making to keep the item secure. They are easy to close and easy to open. In fact, they are great for individuals with muscular dystrophy, arthritis and other conditions that affect the mobility of the hands. Their closing power is strong and this is the reason, they are the perfect choice for tote bags as well. In this article, we will look at how to attach magnetic clasps to a tote bag.

What you need:

• Pair of magnetic clasps
• Sewing fabric
• Scissors
• Square fabric cover
• Tote bag

What to do:

First of all, you must sew a cover for your magnet. Choose a fabric that is the same color or has a similar print as your tote bag. Cut out two pieces that is big enough to cover the magnetic clasps. The fabric must be large enough to allow for sewing as well.

Sew the first side of the clasp and then the other side. Once you have sewed them, you must create two pockets on both sides of the bag to contain the clasps. These pockets must be small just to contain the clasps. You can drop the clasps in the pockets and sew the pockets to secure the magnetic clasps. Alternatively, you can glue the two clasps to the tote itself. Use strong glue or adhesive that works for fabrics.