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Bagini Glacier Trek – The Unspoiled and Untouched Beauty of the Himalayas

Uttarakhand is the state in India situated in the lap of the Himalayan range. This is why it has so many trekking routes for all kinds of trekkers. If you want the experience of trekking in Uttarakhand where you can have the rendezvous with the most undefiled and raw nature, Bagini Glacier trek is the right choice for you. Not only does this trekking in Himalayas present you with the most mesmerizing raw and unspoiled beauty, there are is also a great deal of adventure along the way.

It is one of the most incredible experiences of trekking in India. You scale the mountains up to nearly 15,000 feet. When you are high up at the last point of the trek, and the sweeping panorama will give your visual senses the feeling of delight most incomparable. From here you can look at the Dunagiri, Kalanka, and Changbang Peak; you also get the view of the splendid Nitti Valley. The spectacle is such, you may call it dreamlike.

The Trek Overview

Your trek will start from Ruing Village, which is about one hour drive from Joshimath. If you want to rest in between, there is the Changbang base camp. Along the way, you will witness nature in its full glory. During the course of this trekking in Himalayas, you will see the incredible rivers, spellbinding lakes, lofty and majestic mountains with snow capped peaks and so much more. There is hardly any experience of trekking in India that can match with this.

The Bagini Glacier trekking in Uttarakhand takes you through the circular path up the mountain. You will climb the distance of more than 40km, which will take you to the height of 14,816 feet. There will be long stretches of grasslands to behold. Some will be strewn with flowers of vibrant colours. There will be streams with water absolutely crystal clear. You will also walk through some remote and quaint settlements. The Changbang base camp, the view of the Nitti valley and everything else about this trek is unbelievable.–value-to-your-money