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Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast is a charming and unique place to stay when on vacation. It is typically more personal and more private than a hotel or motel. Most small inns offer special amenities not available at any hotel.

Most bed and breakfast innkeepers make meals fresh for their guests daily. They will take special order and adhere to specific diets. If they offer a menu you are not satisfied with, do not be afraid to ask for a change. As a further luxury, most innkeepers will offer a cocktail hour or late night snack time. Some will even allow guests access to the fridge and cabinets if they are hungry during a non-meal time.

Some bed and breakfasts are larger and offer a number of rooms. Some places are themed and more entertaining. The innkeeper may offer cocktail or snack hour and entertainment. If you are looking for a fun time with a lot of interaction with the innkeeper and other guests, this type of bed and breakfast would be for you. Others prefer a more private and romantic environment. These inns typically only have a few rooms that are very separate from each other. In most cases, guests will rarely run in to each other. These rooms will have private views and offer amenities such as hot tubs and breakfast in bed. The more private bed and breakfasts tend to cost more, but they are well worth the price if you are looking for a romantic getaway.

Consider location when choosing your accommodations. Do you plan on locking yourself away in your room to relax on the trip or do you want to go out and sightsee? Do you want to be close to the ocean or mountains, or closer to a big city? Call and ask the innkeeper what types of places are nearby. If the location is on the coast or in the mountains, it is also important to consider weather. Will there be high seas or a lot of snow? Be certain the location will be a safe place to stay.

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