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Book Review: Aarushi

The Aarushi Talwar murder and trial took India by storm. To date, the Aarushi Talwar murder case is the most controversial case when it comes to murders of young people. While much has been said and spoken about the murders, Avirook Sen, who followed the case for Mirror, has now written a book on his experiences while being involved with the case in journalistic capabilities. Here is a review of the book, Aarushi.


Aarushi Talwar was a thirteen year old girl who was found dead in her apartment, just days before she was to turn fourteen. The case went back and forth, until it was handed over to the CBI. Now, her parents, Rajesh and Nupur Talwar are in the dock and accused of killing their daughter.

The book is a first hand, journalistic ally written account of the sequence of events that started in 2008 and is still going on in some legal device that runs the country.

The book describes in intricate detail the events that spanned the murder and the investigation that took India by storm.

With the guilty verdict hanging over their heads, the case that became the cynosure of the public eye long before, sees no end.


Aarushi is an unflinching look at the events that has played such an important role in a number of lives. The points that the book raises and makes are valid, and is a stunning account of an entire country and legal system that just did not know how to handle the death of a young girl under mysterious circumstances.

The points raised by the book in the investigation clearly points towards an entire system that just needed an accused party to close the sensational case. To be fair, a journalist deciphers how the media in India turned the story on its tail for some unique reason.

Aarushi might be the first book that delves into the life of the Talwars, and gives a description of them to the readers. This might be the only book that provides a mirror image of the Talwars, and is a textbook for anyone wanting to see how the crime cracking system works in India.

Aarushi points at various aspects, and even provides backgrounds of everyone involved with the murder, and creates a scenario where the reader asks…

Were we ready for Aarushi?

At the end, the book is an interesting view of two Indias that clashed so unwittingly in that small room in Delhi. Mix it with the human psyche and its amazing ability to connect anything to anything to make it base, and you know exactly why the Aarushi case is still on the top of everyone’s minds even today.