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Boost Physician Productivity With Multi-Use Supplies

The Best Time Saving Products for Your Medical Office Are Also the Most Effective

If your medical office is like most, it needs more ways to save time. Your staff can get burned out easily if they are always pressed for time. Patients, too, have better things to do besides sitting in your waiting room until their test results are in. Here are a few testing products that can help boost your office’s productivity, save time, and increase the accuracy of test results:

Get Quick Results With These Tests for Strep, Flu, and Urinalysis

These days, some of the most accurate tests are also the most rapid. Your patients will appreciate getting started on their treatment more quickly, while you and your staff will enjoy having more time on your hands to tackle more serious issues. These quick tests can help identify illnesses with precision, enabling you to target treatment more effectively. With these tests, your patients can be on their way, diagnosis and prescription in hand, in a matter of minutes, freeing you and your staff to handle more urgent matters.

From Quidel comes the Quickvue Rapid Flu Test. This test delivers results in only 10 minutes while accurately identifying both A and B strains. The test takes only 30 seconds of work for the staff, and contains reagent, nasal wash, and nasal swabs. Included is a demo card with color-coded, easy to follow instructions. This test is CLIA waived.

Another CLIA waived test, the Pro Advantage Strep-A Rapid Test comes with an easy to follow instruction card for the procedure, 25 each of swabs, testing strips, and extraction tubes, positive and negative controls, and reagents A and B. This test is unavailable in Canada.

To perform quick testing for multiple conditions with one urinalysis, use Pro Advantage Urine Reagent Strips. These easy to use test strips detect liver disease, kidney diseases, fat breakdown, urinary tract infections, and diabetes. The test comes with a strip analyzer and product labels for test comparison

Repair Injuries Quickly and Easily With These Products

3M Steri-Strips assist you and your staff to provide quick healing for minor surgical incisions and wounds that do not need staples or sutures. These pressure sensitive closures feature a hypoallergenic adhesive and control growth of bacteria for up to three days. Ventilation helps hasten the healing process, while their strength keep the wound closed while the injury heals. Emergency rooms and medical offices will want to keep a good supply of these to save time and keep patients from stressing out over sutures and suture removal.

Scotchcast Soft Casting Tape from 3M

With 3M’s Scotchcast Soft Casting Tape, clinicians will have none of the mess or hassle of traditional casts to help mend patients’ broken bones. This lightweight, easy to handle fiberglass casting tape is made with pliable, durable, radiolucent fiberglass that is more comfortable for patients to wear and easier for clinicians to work with. This no mess, no fuss casting tape comes in an assortment of colors in the Plus version. Breathable built-in padding helps protect the injury while allowing air to circulate.

Find these time saving products-and get even more ideas to help you and your staff save time-at your medical office supply company. More information about time-saving solutions for medical offices is available through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


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