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Born Smart: Signs You May Have an Advanced Learner

Millions of children in the U.S. are academically gifted. Advanced Learners can often get bored and fall behind their true potential in a traditional classroom. In order to avoid wasting your student’s time, parents should consider online learning as an alternative. Students can work at their own pace, a class at a time, and finish classes at the rate they determine. Enable your student to go above and beyond an average high school degree with online Advanced Placement classes. Here are some hints that your child might be gifted.

Does your student understand principles of higher learning levels?

Even exhibiting a larger vocabulary than their peers can be a sign of advanced learners. If your student quickly comprehends basic ideas and moves on to those of a grade above, they might be an advanced learner.

Is your student self-motivated?

If your student is always on the ball finishing their homework ahead of time, they may be advanced. This ability to work independently can help students move ahead of their peers.

Does your student ask why?

Naturally curious children often exhibit behaviors of advanced learners. If your student becomes fascinated by a subject or is constantly inquisitive, they may be gifted.

Is your student creative?

Creativity is a critical part in the development of a gifted student. The ability to think of original ideas illustrates a higher level of learning.

Does your student get bored in class?

Students who are ahead of their peers often lose interest in class because they already know and understand a subject.

All of these characteristics sound familiar? You may have an advanced learner on your hands. Asking yourself what should I do about it?

Parents with gifted students should choose an academic environment in which the student will have the ability to move ahead at their own pace. If advanced students are held back with children their same age, their education may be stilted. Finding the right learning environment for your budding genius is critical to their academic success and happiness.