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Building a Gundam Model Kit

After you have prepared your Gundam model kit, the next step is building it. For you to successfully do this, you need to know how each part needs to fit into another. Thus, the easiest way is by following a manual. That is why it is important to ensure that the Gundam model that you buy comes with a manual.

The steps that are to be followed on these manuals vary from one model to another. This is because of the different stages that have to be followed in the construction of each Gundam model. The steps in building your model include;

1. Place the model pieces strategically in their different categories. This is to ensure that you have an easier time when assembling the different parts together. You should therefore separate them according to their body parts. Make a pile where you place all the pieces that will make the head, another pile for the pieces responsible for the legs, another one for the arms and so forth. This makes it easier when you want to put the pieces together as you do not have to waste time looking for a certain piece that is mixed up with the rest in the kit.

2. Examine the pieces to see if they fit together. This is to ensure that you have all the pieces so you will not have to wonder why your model is not coming out the way it should. Thus, with the help of the manual that is found in the kit, you can test the model pieces by fitting them together temporarily so as to ensure that you got everything you need.

3. After doing the testing, you can now paint your pieces in whichever color suits you best. You should start with painting a layer of primer on the Gundam pieces. When constructing the Bandai Gundam model, it is good to ensure that you use dark colors while painting. This can either be black or brown. The reason for this is so that the colors may create a shadow when placing the pieces together before applying the final paint. Leave the model for around 20 minutes after applying the primer so that it can dry up, before proceeding to apply the final color.

4. While painting the final colors on the model, you should make use of larger paintbrushes so that you may be able to cover larger areas of the Gundam model. You should only use the thinner brushes while placing decorative details on the model. Let the model stand for at least an hour so that the final paint may dry completely.

5. After all these, you can finally build your Gundam model while following the instructions on the manual. It is easier to start building the arms, follow them by building the legs, and then the torso, the head and finally you can put the weaponry last. After you have put together these parts separately, you can then attach them to the body. Ensure that you use the model glue that is normally provided in the model kit to glue together all these parts. You should also check to see that your paint is totally dry before gluing together the parts. If you glue them together while the paint is still fresh you may destroy your model.